Getting back into visual art

It is March 2020 and things are a bit unusual right now, to say the least. This hasn't changed much for me, because I stay inside all the time anyway. What this did do was affect my plans for this year. I was planning on going out into the local music scene to try to eventually get booked. I had planned to talk to some bands and venue managers about putting me in as an opener. I have a currently untitled alternative rock project I've been working on since last year, and I have a set list for it. I was prepared to be dismissed anyway since I'm sure a lot of people would be confused to see a one-man instrumental band, but I was gonna give it a try. I hoped that if I could at least get an opportunity to show what I can do as a drummer, that would give me some opportunities. 

Now, I'm getting back into visual art. I was planning on doing that anyway before all this, and now I'm probably gonna be more focused on it since I can't play live music. I got back into the 3d graphics program Blender and started on some new projects. I am still learning it, after using 3DS Max for 3 years. I was on a hiatus from visual art while I made my latest Synthesism album. Now, it's a great time to get back into it. I've been drawing and painting since I was a kid, and I'm very excited to see where my new work can take me. I ordered a tablet to do digital painting on, and I've actually never done digital painting, so that's gonna be awesome! 

So for the next...however long, I'm gonna be more focused on that. I still make music whenever I feel like it, but it's nice to have put my new album out after 8 months of working on it. With that, and without being able to go to music shows, I don't have any pressure on me to get noticed in the music scene. It's great that I have other projects to work on so I can make use of my time. It's disappointing that I can't play my music live anytime soon, because that's the only way people will really understand how serious I am about it. I can tell them all I want about my albums, but until they see me on a stage, most people won't care. I know I'll have my turn, though. For now, I'm gonna see what I can with my visual art!


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