Hard work

Being an independent musician and trying to promote a debut album is hard. I have no discography for people to listen to, so it's quite the challenge to get promotion for an album out of obscurity. This was to be expected though, no big deal. I think things will be much better when my entire album is out. Then that should give me a little bit more credibility. The promotion for my eventual second album will be a lot smoother. I'll have more experience and hopefully by then I'll actually have some kind of fanbase.


My drum practice has been alright lately, but filming my most recent video was stressful. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I put so much pressure on myself to have a good performance for this video. This video was intended to show a wider extent of my talent. The first drumming video I made was just something to show that I could play decently. This time I had to really show what I could do. And I did a good job of it. So now I have a good enough example of my abilities.


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