Finding my niche

When I started making music, I didn't know that much about the genres of electronic music. My interest in video game soundtracks is what inspired me to create the kind of music that I do. So because of this, my style developed into something that took bits and pieces from the various kinds of electronic music I had heard in games.

Recently, within the past 2 months since I got on Twitter, I've been getting to know a lot about one particular style of music- and that is Synthwave. I created Synthesism based on my very vague knowledge of it. I knew about the aesthetics, I knew about the 80s nostalgia subculture. I knew that there were musicians who made electronic music in the style of the 80s. But since I was never a fan of the 80s, I never paid much attention to it. Synthesism was made as a concept of Synthwave because I knew my style was not anything like modern electronic genres- at least, not the mainstream ones that I knew about. I had a very small understanding that the sounds I used in my music were of 80s style. Looking back on it now, it's really cool that I was able to formulate a theme for my music that fit, while also not even really knowing anything about it. In fact, Synthesism was a last-minute name that I came up with because every other interesting name I thought of for my music was already taken.

The Synthwave community on Twitter has been awesome to be a part of. These artists are very passionate about their music, and like me, most of them are completely independent. They support each other's work, and they're all really friendly people. This is something I didn't know about at all when I first got on Twitter. I thought Twitter was just for self-promotion with people commenting, and that was it. I was surprised to see so many quality discussions. Had I known this, I would've gotten on Twitter a long time ago!

I'm definitely not from the same kind of background that most of these other Synthwave artists are, but I still feel like I fit in more with them. They're professionals. True musicians. Not mainstream. Going forward in the process of creating my next album, it'll be great for me to know more about this genre and its audience. While my music is still different from the typical forms of 80s-inspired Synthwave, this next album will be more cohesive because I know more about where my music fits in.

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