Cool weekend

It was a cool weekend for me. It was so cool to see Ed Reed, a local legend and one of the greatest football players ever, get enshrined into the Hall of Fame. He's from right down the road from where I grew up. I went to the same middle school and high school that he did. He's definitely someone who inspires me. A great athlete, and also a great person. He is proof that if you're a talented person, all you have to do is put in hard work and you'll be successful.

I also went to the Saints' practice tonight. It was at Tulane's Yulman Stadium, which is a short walk from where I live. I'm a huge Saints fan, so it was very cool to be there. I haven't been to a Saints game in years, so I'm glad to have been able to at least see them practice.

My debut album was released this past Thursday. Not that many people know about it. I'm trying to spread the message. Building up a fanbase will take time, but I'm certain that I have the foundation for a solid career.

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